Going solo

As the course has taught me over the last 9 months, we are all made of God’s love and since we are all connected, whatever I do, so do you. So by continuing my study and becoming a more compassionate, understanding and loving person, I am also giving this gift to you.

Therefore, whether or not you’re reading my spiratic blogging or not, you are still receiving the benefit of my journey. The deeper I get into the course, I realize that this is a personal journey I am on and there is so much more in each of the readings than I could convey in a quick blog. You must read tge entire passage to really feel the transition in you and understand this beautiful message of how incredible God is and so are you.

So, here is where I am stepping off of the path and traveling on this your alone. I encourage you to buy the full course of miracles book and go on yoir own journey. I may post here and there when my heart needs to talk and feel free to contact me as well, but you will always feel my love and compassion being sent to you as i journey on.

I pray that God’s light continues too shine brighter and brighter out of you and never fades.


Lesdon 123

I thank my Father for His gifts to me,

Today let us be thankful. Let us devote today to gratitude that our father has never left us and will eternally love us. God thanks us for listening to Him. Thanks be to you who heard and spreads the word. God teceives your gifts in loving gratitude and gives them back more than we can imagine.

Today, devote 15 minutex 2x to receiving God’s thanks and offer yours to Him

Lesson 122

Forgiveness offers everything I want. Today I have accepted this as true. Today I have received the gifts of God.

Forgiveness offers everything you want. Today all things you want are given to you. Open your eyes today and look upon a happy world of safety and of Peace. Forgiveness is the means by which it comes to take the place of hell. In quietness it rises up to greet your open eyes and fill your heart with deep tranquility as ancient truths, forever newly-born, arise in your awareness.

Lesson 121

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

The unforgiving mind is full of fear. It cannot see the good in itself or any others and cannot find any hope in escaping it’s despair. The unforgiving mind is angry, weak, afraid to move forward and afraid to stay where it’s at. The unforgiving mind is afraid to go to sleep and afraid of every sound, afraid of being still and terrified of the dark.

The only way out is through forgiveness. Devote 10 minutes in the morning and the evening to learning how to forgive and receive forgiveness to for they are the same. Close your eyes and picture someone you hold resentment towards. See One shining spark of Beauty in that person . Now picture of friend that you hold dearly and see that beautiful light shining all through them. Combine these two images so the person you hold with resentment you now see with the love you hold of a friend.

Now say to yourself

Forgiveness is the key to happiness. I will awaken from the dream that I am mortal, fallible, and full of sin, and know I am the perfect Son of God.

The last line is so important because if we cannot see how perfect we are and love ourselves for everything we are and forgive ourselves for anything we perceive we have done, then we cannot love anyone else. You are the perfect Son of God. Everyone is the perfect Son of God.

Review 119

107: Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

I am mistaken when I think I can be hurt in any way. I am God’s son, whose self rests safely in the mind of God.

108: to give and to recieve are one in truth.

I will forgive all things today, that I may learn how to accept the truth and me, and come to recognize my sinlessness.

Review lesson 117

103: God, being loved, is also happiness.

Let me remember love is happiness and nothing else brings joy and so I choose to entertain no substitutes for love.

104: I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

Love is my heritage and with it joy. These are the gifts my father gave to me. I would accept all that is mine and truth.