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I am passionate about wellness combining traditional and complimentary medicine. Most importantly, I want to empower you to HEAL. I love my family, my horse, my dogs, to recycle, to hike in the woods, and the beauty and stillness of the snow. I have to be healthy and feel good to enjoy these things. Here, I'll share with you what has worked for me and many others. God speed to you on your voyage to HEAL.

Stop the forward head and rounded shoulders

Health Everyday Activities for Life tip on correcting the forward head and rounded shoulders.

Did you know that every 1cm your head is forward places 10 more pounds of pressure on your spine to hold your head up? This will also cause lower back strain and tight upper traps. It’s a recipe for discomfort. No matter where your head is at now, it’s not too late to stop the progression forward and correct your posture.

Remember that stretches and exercises may be best started or complimented with one on one sessions with a healthcare provider like me 😀


Low back Pain book

Just checked out this book from the Mary L. Cook Library in preparation for my presentation to HEAL low back pain on Tuesday, Feb. 13th at 2pm.

I love this book and even ordered a couple copies. So what do I love about it?

1. The Dr. explains things very simply and I agree with everything that he says amazingly enough.

2. He discusses the role exercise, nutrition, and stress management play in resolving back pain.

3. He frequently states that rest is not an option and can actually make things worse as it starts a wheel of immobility physically and mentally leading to depression which will only worsen back pain.

4. He actually recommends meditating, breathing, and thinking positively.

5. He emphasizes the need for a strong, stable core and trunk rotation to get at the deep intrinsic muscles of the spine. That doesn’t mean sit ups or crunches, but rather Pilates and kegel pelvic floor and core exercises.

I could go on and on. I really love this book. Check it out at the Mary L. Cook Library after coming to my FREE presentation next Tuesday at 2.

Watch “Single Most Important Core Exercise For Back Pain” on YouTube

I subscribe to this Bob and Brad you tube channel and found this video right on with the recommendations I give for back pain. My only correction is that the exercises shown should be drastically slower, his shoulders should stay down and relaxed, and I wouldn’t advanced to lifting the legs up or the ball until the pelvic floor and the core muscles were stable and much stronger. Hunt, we have a beginners Pilates class on Wednesdays at 12:30 that would be perfect to learn this stuff. Otherwise, you’ll strain your back, pinch the vertebre, and inflame the area more than it was before by advancing too fast.

The point of sharing this video is to recommend that everyone learn what the pelvic floor and core muscles are and how to turn them on and off.

Visit and click on go shopping. You’ll see a link for $10 to purchase a 6 week on line core activation video series. Seriously, that’s $10 to get fit, decrease stress on your back, and feel great! Check out the Basic Core Activation Series.

Predator response from Prey

I’m reading a fascinating book Natural Horsemanship Explained from heart to hands by Robert M. Miller, D.V.M. in which he begins by describing the benefit of the horse’s flight response as a survival took. He talks about how an underdeveloped flight response, ignoring their natural instincts, he what leads to unwanted behaviors of shyness, bolting, rearing, bucking, sticky feet, etc. Of course, I look at this from a human stand point as well. When we can follow through with our natural instincts, negative responses arise as well just the same as the horse.

But there is hope because we are not all prey for the predators out there. We can be both predator and prey by following our instincts and standing our ground. Shortly after in the book, Dr. Miller discusses being in Africa and watching hippopotamus. All the hippos, but one young one, retreated to the river. This young one was Happy continuing to graze much to the delight of two lions stalking the hippo. As one lion ran toward the young hippo, the hippo opened his mouth and charged the lion. Instantly, the lion stopped, turned, and fled. Even the other lion ran away not even pursing the attack. Go hippo!

We all have it in us to be brave like the hippo and smart like the horse.

Listen to your natural instincts and respond as you need.

The intent was good, but the output was poor

So this theme has been coming up several times for me over the last couple weeks. I have heard clients talk about medical procedures in which they felt that they were treated more like a piece of meat than a human. I have heard from clients talking about how a loved one won’t take their medicine, won’t exercise, won’t eat right, won’t go to the doctor, and they get really frustrated and angry because they won’t listen to them.

In both cases the intent was good. The intent was to help. The intent was to make them feel better. Unfortunately, the output was not delivered with love.

Often times we misrepresent our emotions of love and concern with a more fear and stressed based response. When receiving a medical procedure, the medical professional has your best intent in mind. They want to be focused, effective, and keep you alive. Sometimes this means that they forget their bedside manner that they are working on a human who has a soul. Their intent is still there to be good and save your life and help you.

The same applies to a family member that you may perceive as being angry or pushy or upset with you because they care about you. If they didn’t care about you they wouldn’t get upset when your well-being is at stake. What they meant to show was their love and their concern and compassion for you.

There are times that people forget that everybody has a choice. We have a choice to take advice or decline it. We have a choice to make our own decisions. When it comes to caring for a family member or friend, our role is to love them. Our role is not to condemn them for not taking care of themselves or for not listening to our advice. We will do more for them by just loving them and supporting their decisions than condemning them and getting upset with them.

So before you get upset in a situation whether it be in an act toward you or your feelings towards someone else, stop and remember what is your intent. Your intent is always to love. Let love, not fear be your Guide.

Healing is a shift in perception

I just had this epiphany of what it takes to HEAL. Change your perception and you will HEAL.

Now this isn’t referring to broken bones or wounds. This is referring to the emotional hurts and illnesses we experience.

I had a flashback to a time when my thyroid was hyperactive. Over the course of two years I changed so much about my life and how much I pushed myself and this truly put my body at rest so I could heal. The same came with the death of my father. It took time for me to view it differently and as the years passed my perception on his passing shifted and it no longer hurt as much and I was able to talk about him without crying. Both of these event came about as my perception shifted.

As I treat a client more than just realigning the body and softening the tissue I am working on changing the person’s perception so their body no longer holds tight in a protective state. My hope is to guide them to a state in which their body is at peace with the events that have happened in their life.

Consider this as you may be going through your own pain and illness. As you do any stretches begin to really listen to your body and think of the things that are upsetting to you and see if you can shift your perception to a more loving, understanding and compassionate light for yourself and those involved in any event, process, or procedure.

God speed on your Voyage to HEAL