Watch “Be the bunny” on YouTube

My kids found this amazing book at the library. It tells the tale of how a little boy feels when his structure is destroyed. All these animals come to help him through it. They each have their own emotion, but the little boy just wanted someone to listen and let him process through his emotions. He found it in the stillness.

Just like in this story, we all can process through our emotions or be a great friend to someone in the stillness. That is when God is most easily heard and felt. I pray that we can all be this bunny.

As we celebrate the resurrectionection of Christ in which we learn that our soul lives on forever, may we have faith that we are never alone. Our soul is a spirit eternally united and watched over by God. It always has been and it always will be and we can all experience heaven here on earth as we will when we leave our physical body.

So hop on and be the Easter bunny! God bless


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