Replace “I have to”

So I realized I say I have to quite frequently with several things that I have to do. I have to make dinner, I have to do the laundry, I have to pack my lunch, I have to make up a flyer for a class I’m teaching.

When I say this, it feels heavy and burdensome. So rather than saying I have to with all of these things that need to get done, I’m going to replace it with “I would like to” because it lightens up the pressure of needing to get it done.

In reality there is nothing that we have to do. It should be things that we want to do. If we’re talking about taking care of our children or going to the dentist or going grocery shopping. Though these may feel sometimes not like the things we want to do, we need to be grateful that we are able to do these things and if you truly can’t say I would like to do something then don’t do it. That is your clue that something needs to change.

Give it a try as I will be doing and let me know what happens. I would like to hear from you and see if this helps to change your perspective on the things that we would like to get done.


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