Going solo

As the course has taught me over the last 9 months, we are all made of God’s love and since we are all connected, whatever I do, so do you. So by continuing my study and becoming a more compassionate, understanding and loving person, I am also giving this gift to you.

Therefore, whether or not you’re reading my spiratic blogging or not, you are still receiving the benefit of my journey. The deeper I get into the course, I realize that this is a personal journey I am on and there is so much more in each of the readings than I could convey in a quick blog. You must read tge entire passage to really feel the transition in you and understand this beautiful message of how incredible God is and so are you.

So, here is where I am stepping off of the path and traveling on this your alone. I encourage you to buy the full course of miracles book and go on yoir own journey. I may post here and there when my heart needs to talk and feel free to contact me as well, but you will always feel my love and compassion being sent to you as i journey on.

I pray that God’s light continues too shine brighter and brighter out of you and never fades.


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