Lesson 101

God’s will for me is perfect happiness. 

All that you believe must come from sin will never happen for it has no cause. Accept atonement with an open mind which cherishes no lingering belief that you have ever sinned and should be punished for crucifying God’s son. 

Fear not the will of God.

God’s will for me is perfect happiness. There is no sin; it has no consequence. 

This is the truth because there is no sin. 

For a long time I held a lot of guilt for things that had happened in the past. As I have come to realize this feeling of guilt has not done me any good nor does it serve the purpose to continue. It has been so freeing to let go of this. Anxiety of the what ifs have disappeared almost completely and worry of the past doesn’t haunt me. I am in the present and have forgiven the past. God wants us to be happy. End of story.


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