Lesson 88

The light has come. I no longer see the negative side of things, expect the worse, or live in darkness. I can only see the truth and beauty all around me as I live in the light under only God’s laws of wholeness and happiness. I acknowledge that only love can bring me happiness. The most important of this love is of myself. For I am God’s child, made of love and love is all encompassing so I must love myself. Then I will see the love in everthing and one around me for they too are made of love. When I let this light of love shine out of me, I can then see no darkness, only light. 

This is a lesson of understanding and compassion for myself and others. If you love and understand, then nothing will upset you. Why can’t I get the perfect job, have the perfect body, have the perfect house, car, boat……because you are right where you need to be at this moment. Have peace and peace will come to you. Live in the light and you will see clearly. 


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