Lesson 86

The reviews for lesson 71 and 72 continue to emphasize how we attack our own salvation and happiness by coveting things other than God and holding grudges. 

I love the line “I will no longer defeat my own best interests.” I think of all the times I wanted to do or say something, but I didn’t have the courage to do so. I defeated myself by not trying and trusting that things would work out. Even in the healing work I do, there was a time I beat myself up that I wasn’t good enough and I idolized the “master” Mfr therapists. I remember John Barnes repeating over and over to get out of your own way. I so get that now. 

So, get out of your way. Have faith in God and all we want will be provided. 

Lesson 85

Review lesson 69: my grievances hide the light of the world in me. I have no need for this. I want to see. 

Review lesson 70: my salvation comes from me. Everything I see will reflect the light that shines in me and in itself.

Lesson 83 review

Lesson 65: my only function is the one God have me. All conflicts are gone. I am always certain what to do, say, and think. All doubt is gone. My only function is God’s. 

Lesson 66: my happiness and my function are one. It is God’s will for me to be happy. That is my function. I must learn to recognize what makes me happy. It is my function. 

This brings light to the saying “do what you love and love what you do.” it is our function. 


There is so much emphasis on forgiveness in the last bulk of lessons. Yet earlier in the readings it was stated that God does not forgive because he never condemns. Forgiveness to me is a reactive state of thinking. Proactively, we could simply not condemn anyone. Just a thought as there are always two sides or more to a story and who’s really to say who is wrong and right. 

Lesson 82 review

Lesson 63: the light of the world brings peace to every Mind through my forgiveness. Let peace extend from my mind to yours. I share the light of the world with you. Through my forgiveness I can see this as it is.

Lesson 64: let me not forget my function. Let me not use this to hide my function from me. I would use this as an opportunity to fulfill my function. This may threaten My ego, but cannot change my function in any way.

Review time: Lesson 81

(lesson 61) I am the light of the world! Let me not obscure the light of the world and me. Let the light of the world shine through this appearance. This light is peaceful and calm. 

(lesson 62) forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. Let this help me learn what forgiveness means. Let me not separate my function from my will. I would not use this for an alien purpose. I will trust that in the light I will see myself as I am.  

Lesson 79

Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved. 

In my official release we say that without awareness there is no cure. This lesson resonates with me because you really can’t solve a problem unless you know that it is there. Everyone in the world has their own special problems yet they all have the same underlying theme of separation. 

It seems sometimes that just as one problem is solved the next comes up and this can be a Perpetual very frustrating cycle that can lead us to our anxiety and depression. The course of Miracles challenges us to see that the only real problem is separation. Problems arise when we separate ourselves from various aspects of our lives including ourselves. 

Remember that this exercise is not asking us to define the problem but just to admit that there is a problem and then to be still Eddie find the solution. Say to yourself let me recognize this problem so it can be solved. 

Lesson 78

Let miracles replace all grievances. 

How freeing it would be to not be angry at someone. Anger is really heavy to carry. Happiness is light weight. Picture Eeore from Winnie the Pooh versus Olaf from Frozen. Bug difference. 

Every decision you make is either a grievance, to complain, or a miracle, to be thankful for all events for we never know where they will lead. We have a choice. 

I am going to directly quote lesson 78 in the course of Miracles because they phrase this so very well.
Today we go beyond the Grievances to look up on the Miracle instead. We will reverse the way you see by not allowing site to stop before it sees. We will not wait before the shield of hate, but lay it down and gently Lift Our Eyes in silence to behold the son of God. He waits for you behind your grievances.

Choose someone that you have targeted for your Grievances and leave those grievances aside. Picture that person first as you now consider him. Review his faults and the difficulties you have had with him and the pain he has caused. Regard his body with its flaws and better points as well. Then ask of him who knows the Son of God and his reality and truth that we may look on him differently. Say

 Let me behold my savior in this one you have appointed as the one for me to ask to lead me to the Holy Light in which he stands, that I may join with him.

Let your mind be shown the light in him beyond your grievances.

Lesson 77

I am entitled to miracles. 

It is God’s will that I be entitled to miracles, not at the expense of others, but For the benefit of myself and others. Sit quietly and say to yourself confidently- I am entitled to miracles. Whenever a situation arises that needs a miracle, repeat this phrase. Remind yourself:

I Will not trade miracles for grievances. I want only what belongs to me. God has establishe mircles as my right. 

Miracles don’t always come as we perceive them. Be open to see the miracles you ask for.