Watch “Correcting the pelvic inflare and shift” on YouTube

Now for the good stuff, how to correct pelvic imbalances. Here I’ll show you stretches and exercises to correct the pelvic inflare and shift.

Remember to look at yourself in the mirror to assess your alignment. Than hold the stretches until you feel a release. A release feels like the tissue melting, stretchting, belly sounds meaning your nervous system has quieted down, eye fluttering meaning tissue memory is being released, your thoughts begin to change, or you take a deep breath. The longer you hold a stretch the deeper the release. Have fun and get to feeling better.

Watch “Shoulder exercises and stretches” on YouTube

Now that we stretched the area let’s strengthen it to gain stability. All the exercises I show you in this video should be done slow and controlled with the focus being on stability as well as posture. I highly recommend doing the stretches and exercises in front of a mirror so you can ensure that you are standing up straight, your core muscles are activated, and you are in a good alignment. If something doesn’t feel good, decrease the tension on the Thera-Band and move in a smaller range of motion.

Take note that if you have a full muscle tear or a broken bone, these exercises would not be recommended. Please make sure you have guidance from a healthcare professional when working on recovering from a tear or broken bone.

Replace “I have to”

So I realized I say I have to quite frequently with several things that I have to do. I have to make dinner, I have to do the laundry, I have to pack my lunch, I have to make up a flyer for a class I’m teaching.

When I say this, it feels heavy and burdensome. So rather than saying I have to with all of these things that need to get done, I’m going to replace it with “I would like to” because it lightens up the pressure of needing to get it done.

In reality there is nothing that we have to do. It should be things that we want to do. If we’re talking about taking care of our children or going to the dentist or going grocery shopping. Though these may feel sometimes not like the things we want to do, we need to be grateful that we are able to do these things and if you truly can’t say I would like to do something then don’t do it. That is your clue that something needs to change.

Give it a try as I will be doing and let me know what happens. I would like to hear from you and see if this helps to change your perspective on the things that we would like to get done.

Stop the forward head and rounded shoulders

Health Everyday Activities for Life tip on correcting the forward head and rounded shoulders.

Did you know that every 1cm your head is forward places 10 more pounds of pressure on your spine to hold your head up? This will also cause lower back strain and tight upper traps. It’s a recipe for discomfort. No matter where your head is at now, it’s not too late to stop the progression forward and correct your posture.

Remember that stretches and exercises may be best started or complimented with one on one sessions with a healthcare provider like me 😀